„Landlocked States“ – A New Book from an Armenian Author

Being landlocked puts repercussions on the socio-economic development of a country. About 15% of the states of the world are developing landlocked states. Thus, a new essay by the Armenian author Anna S. Gevorgyan sets out to examine the desperate plight of landlocked states caused by a geographic handicap. Landlocked states have limited and more costly access to the world market. Furthermore, the plight of a landlocked state is very much dependent on the location and it is hardly surprising that there is no single high-income landlocked country outside of Europe.

Additionally, the Republic of Armenia, being a landlocked state, not only cannot avoid the susceptibility and obstacles brought by the absence of access to sea, but also suffers more than other landlocked countries due to the lack of natural resources and border blockages. So, in this regard and as an example for other states, this issue is a significant one for Armenia that demands special study.

This booklet is written refreshingly short and concise. It can be understood by a large public , and it is valuable for its consideration of new literature – and of thoughts by the author. Anna Gevorgyan has written this text as a Master thesis at the American University of Armenia, Yerevan. Further information: http://www.libertas-institut.eu („New books“, or „Shop“) or directly under http://www.libertas-institut.com/de/PDF/Flyer_Gevorgyan.pdf.

And here are the bibliographical data: Anna S. Gevorgyan: Landlocked States – Economic and Transit Problems, International Law and the Case of Armenia Libertas Paper 75, 62 pages, January 2013, ISBN 978-3-937642-33-8 (e-book pdf); 978-3-937642-34-5 (e-book Amazon Kindle – from 1.1.2013), both 5,99 EUR; ISBN 978-3-937642-32-1 (Paper Edition), 15 EUR

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