It should have been regarded more in 2015: The Boris-Nemzov-Report about the Russian War in Ukraine since 2014

Boris Nemzov was an opposition politicial in Russia with a high profile, among other posts also a former deputy prime minister of Boris Jelzin. He warned very early of Putin; with him in a responsible position the relationship EU / Russia wpuld have been different, and history would have developed differently. But he was killed in 2015 – five shots fro behind when he was walking near the Kremlin in Moscow.

In 2015, EUFAJ published a English version of his papers he intended to pass to the public the day after having been killed. One should read this – it was a clear warning of what has come up in Ukraine. The governments, parliaments, people in the so-called West should have known what is means to attack Ukraine for the Crimea and later Donbass region. We could now write a lot about how to counter autocrat rulers and how to preserve what we call European Values of them. But just read the text under the link. Here ist the full text – in English and Russian – of the Paper:


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