New Series of Fiction Literature (Which Helps to Understand the World)

LIBERTAS – European Institute GmbH (LIBERTAS Press + Publishing) starts in mid-February 2014 a new project:
• Until Spring 2014 we have only published economic, legal and social science non-fiction publications, as eBooks and print books. Now we intend to publish eBooks / books with short stories (or longer ones) in fiction – this is the new deal of our publication division.
• The publications shall have a title of e.g. „Short stories from … (here the author’s country/region’s, or group of people, name)“ or „Short stories from young authors in …“ (but young authors can also be elder people who are not yet on the European or German book market; we also can think of publications in French language). But every other title may be possible as well, and we are not restricted to short stories only.
• If short stories, we would also try to collect several into one book, but if one author wants to publish several himself, then he would be, of course, published alone.
• We prefer unpublished texts, but – as you never should say never – we do not exclude that we publish also published texts, provided the author has kept the copyright for other languages, or are open to a percentage-oriented license fee participation.
• We intend to publish books on the German speaking market, but also on the English speaking or French speaking market (maybe together with another publishing company).
• We do not exclude that this will be a series of publications (short stories from different countries).
• There should be envisaged first an eBook, and possibly later a print book.
• The texts will be accepted in the relevant mother language of the authors, but also (with) translations in English, German or French.
• The translations would otherwise be tried to be taken in charge by relevant government external culture policy funds, or by EU literature translation funds, or by special arrangements which can be discussed individually between us and the authors, or by ourselves or a sponsor.
• If there are no special arrangements, there is no planning for a one-shot honorary fee or advances, but for a permanent participation from the very beginning, however until a threshold lower than after this threshold. This can be much more honorary fee altogether than any one-shot payment.
• We can publish also texts under a pseudonym (alias name), if this is useful. As we are based in the European Union, we have full freedom of expression and can quasi publish all we want.

Please contact by e-mail (if possible with [some of] your texts, otherwise with a short description): (send an open security copy to
LIBERTAS – European Institute GmbH / Press + Publications, attn. Mr. Hans-Juergen Zahorka, Lindenweg 37, 72414 Rangendingen, Germany.
Website:, phone +49-7471-984996-13, or Skype „zahorka“.