New EUFAJ 4/2014: From Moldova to Model European Union

EUFAJ (European Union Foreign Affairs Journal) 4 / 2014 is out, with articles on

  • Moldova, its economic situation, Russia and the EU,
  • what does Russia want with Abkhazia; the new Abkhazia-Russia treaty,
  • migration and Armenia: Genocide, inflow, brain-drain,
  • Turkey and the recognition of Armenian Genocide,
  • Nagorno-Karabakh and the situation after the helicopter downing in November 2014,
  • first Nagorno-Karabakh group in the European Parliament,
  • the Trade Roadmap for the EU Commission, by the EU Business umbrella organisation,
  • Chinese capital and European real estate
  • new political framework for the European bio-based economy,
  • ethical and ethno-religious background of cyclical crises,
  • participatory democracy,
  • uniting Europe’s youth: Model European Union.

Please go to  (on the website temporarily available only under the German flag while the language of all the four flags is English. All the previous EUFAJ numbers can be downloaded from

Another EUFAJ: From Arctic to Zambia

Another European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ) issue is now available online.

With articles on

  • the Arctic region and its regional integration and the relations with the European Union (Ofelya Sargsyan),
  • official norms and traditions in Kyrgyzstan in view of some violations of fair elections (Gulnaz Baiturova),
  • taxing for Human Rights – fiscal rights monitoring in Zambia and the right to education (Marijana Ilic),
  • advantages from religion for politics – a study for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (Ani Harutyunyan),
  • the reasons for democratization in transition countries – based on Acemoglu’s model (Gohar Yeranyan).

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