Azerbaijan: OSCE Opens Election Observation Mission For Presidential Election

In this blog there was repeatedly discussed about the Human Rights situation and the presidential elections in Azerbaijan, which is part of the Council of Europe, the Eastern Partnership of the European Union and a European Neighbourhood Policy Country. This is why it cannot be indifferent to European Human Rights observers.

In this context, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has made a press release from today, 29 August 2013, which we publlish hereafter in full length, just to inform others, our blog readers, about the situation:

„The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) today opened an election observation mission to monitor 
the 9 October presidential election in Azerbaijan. ODIHR was invited by Azerbaijan’s government to observe the elections, in 
line with the country’s commitments as an OSCE participating State.

The mission is headed by Tana de Zulueta and consists of 12 international experts based in Baku and 30 long-term observers to be deployed throughout the country. The experts and observers are drawn from 22 countries.

The mission will assess the presidential election for its compliance with OSCE commitments and other international standards for democratic elections, as well as with domestic legislation. Observers will closely monitor the candidate registration, campaign activities, the work of the election administration and relevant governmental bodies, election-related legislation and its implementation, the media environment and the resolution of election-related disputes.

In the course of its observation, the mission will meet with representatives from relevant authorities and political parties, as well as with candidates, and with representatives from civil society, the media and the international community. On election day, observers will monitor the opening of polling stations, voting, the counting of ballots and the tabulation of results.

A statement of preliminary findings and conclusions will be issued on the day after the election. A final report on the observation of the entire electoral process will be published approximately two months after the completion of the election process.“

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